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The Endless Possibilities of Tourism
The Endless Possibilities of Tourism
Gastronomy Tourism also known as Food Tourism and Culinary Tourism is a growing trend and showing no signs of slowing down. Destinations and regions are focusing on how to enhance authentic experiences and as this sector continues to evolve, the focus needs to be as diverse as the industry itself.  

A report by SKIFT research finds that U.S. travelers spent $58 billion on food and drink while traveling in 2017. This represents a 5.8% compound annual growth rate from 2012. FIBEGA Miami has collaborated in this report. 

Gastronomy Tourism is not limited to foodies and gourmets, the modern traveler has discovered the endless potential that food plays in the understanding of a regions culture and tradition.  Factors like social media highlight the beauty and discovery of unknown destinations while the search for a pure travel experience creates a stronger demand for this growing sector. Travelers in search of authentic food and drink are looking to explore different cultures while creating long lasting memories.   

There’s a world of possibilities for regional governments to create unique travel experiences that appeal to the culinary tourists. One example of this is the BENVINGUTAS A PAGÉS (WELCOME TO THE FARM) Open Farm Weekend, in Catalonia, Spain. An annual event that takes place one weekend during the summer months where visitors can visit local farms, to taste and learn about the local foods and traditions. Depending on the individual interest, guests can explore wineries, cava makers and olive oil amongst many others. 

The diverse offers by local regions and destinations should be a collaboration not a competition. Everyone has a role to play in developing food tourism from large chain hotels to small businesses. According to a report by Technavio – Culinary Tourism has an expected 9% growth between 2019 – 2013 in part due to organic and sustainable tourism and collaborative efforts. An example of this growth stems from the role of food events and the alliances created in food festivals & art shows, the goal is to integrate culture and culinary creating a further connection for the progressive traveler. 
Global Culinary Tourism Market 2019-2023