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The Soul of Puerto Rico
The Soul of Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico was devasted by Hurricane Maria in September 2017, but very soon after, Puerto Ricans showed their resilience and strength to the world. They wanted the world to know that they were open for business and today a year and half later, that spirit is stronger than ever. A monumental effort was put forth by the locals and with the assistance of many organizations like Chef Andres – World Central Kitchen which served over 3 million meals following the hurricane, Puerto Rico is rising from the ashes. 

If you want to know how you continue to help the people of this island, the best way is to go there and discover the beauty and culture it has to offer its visitors. One of the several breathtaking beaches is Playa Flamenco, a paradise of white sand, crystal clear turquoise water, and world-class snorkeling.

Tourism is vital to the economy, bringing in nearly $4B per year. A excellent way to experience Puerto Rico is to mix and mingle like a local and dive into the food culture. One authentic and adventurous way is the culinary route called Chinchorreos, an experience that will take you through both the coastal and mountain routes of Chinchorros, roadside kiosks with inexpensive food and beer and if you’re lucky live music. You can sample island favorites like tiritas de chicharrones (ground pork cracklings) or empanadillas de conejos (rabbit empanadas) while you take in the scenery like a local.  Like any true cultured experience in Puerto Rico, food and music go hand in hand, it’s the soul of the island. 
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