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In here you will find everything you'll need to know about FIBEGA, the International Gastronomy Tourism Fair
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Travel industry leaders and their response to the rise in Gastronomy Tourism
Travel industry leaders and their response to the rise in Gastronomy Tourism
Hotels, Airlines and Tourism Boards all play a vital role in the promotion of a destination, and Gastronomy Tourism is no exception. In recent years, industry trends point towards the steady increase for travelers in search of more authentic and memorable experiences. 

The industry has taken notice and are now catering to the ever growing and demanding tourist. Airlines have expanded meal preferences to include anything from vegan and gluten free to gourmet meals on all class flights. One example of this is Japan Airlines, the company has partnered with chefs and restaurants to offer innovative meals that keep up with the latest trends and appeal to the most finicky traveler. 

Tourism Boards are evolving in how they offer memorable experiences by using cultural preservation and gastronomy to promote their destinations. The growing trend in activities such as gastronomy tours, cooking classes and the elaboration of meals with local products and the traditions are all lucrative ways to embrace the native customs while developing regional business growth. The progressive tourists are in constant search of genuine experiences and searching to enrich their travels, returning home with long lasting memories and connections to the destinations visited. 

An essential component is the influential role hotels can play in promoting the local gastronomy by offering culinary activities for food lovers, becoming much more than just accommodations. One concept taps into niche industries like the opportunity for craft beer lovers to stay inside a beer brew house offered by the newly opened Doghouse Hotel in Columbus, Ohio. 

Another mention is The Barcelona EDITION Hotelbesides the alluring design it charms with a bespoke speak-easy style Punch Room bar and the hidden basement supper club, Cabaret, offering a wonderful gastronomic experience guided by colors and driven by the pace of the show. 
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