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Vineyarding in the summits of Malbec
Vineyarding in the summits of Malbec

The province of Mendoza will be a finalist for the FIBEGA Gastronomy Tourism Awards in the category of Enotourism Experience Excellence Award for its program "Bodegueando por las Cumbres del Malbec(Vineyarding in the summits of Malbec). 

The Andes mountain range and the Aconcagua determine a unique way of life. It is the province of Mendoza, the highest part of South America, that determines the landscape, climate and culture.

The sustainable development goals of the United Nations in which the groups involved (companies, institutions and individuals) not only seek the business benefit but also the economic and human development of the territory.

"Bodegueando por las Cumbres del Malbecis a project that meets these objectives as "bodegueando" you discover the wines, landscapes, farms, markets and cultural spaces that work hand in hand for travelers to discover the core of the destination. It’s a unique way to discover the origin of the products from Mendoza, Its history, culture, its people and its way of life.

The visitor performs a transformative exercise. Without perceiving it, it contributes values ​​such as the empowerment of women, the protection of material and immaterial values ​​or the eradication of poverty.

Mendoza wineries become mediators between tourism companies and the local community. The traveler, besides appreciating it, is able to contribute to build a more ethical, prosperous, inclusive and predictable society between the Aconcagua and the clouds.

A project that deserves to be a finalist of the FIBEGA Gastronomy Tourism Award.