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La Paella Valenciana, Finalists in the Category for Best Promotional Local Product.
La Paella Valenciana, Finalists in the Category for Best Promotional Local Product.
FIBEGA Miami is delighted to announce that La Paella Valenciana is a finalist in the category for Best Promotional Local Dish for the Fibega Gastronomy Tourism awards, winners will be announced on May 10th, 2019 in Miami Beach, Florida. 
Paella is synonymous with Spanish Gastronomy, but there’s only one city in Spain that holds the honor of being the birthplace of this international dish, Valencia, the 3rd largest city on the southeast coast of Spain. We travel to Valencia to discover the origins of the Paella Valenciana, an emblematic dish has always been surrounded by debates, from the prohibited ingredients to how you eat it. The authentic recipe is made with chicken, rabbit, rice, broad beans (garrofo), local green beans (judia ferradura) and saffron for that golden color. 

Valencianos have passed on the traditional recipe from generation to generation, while maintaining the utmost respect for the preparation of this dish. They are extremely proud of their signature dish, it’s a representation of Valencia and Spanish cuisine, internationally known and often replicated with ingredients that have created many disputes and dissent. For one day, in honor of fun and togetherness across all borders, Valencia has invited the world to create their best paella and share it with the initiative #WorldPaellaDay
The main event will be on September 20th, 2019 but the entire month of September will be a celebration of the paella, one of the many events will be the International Paella contest in Sueca and the Rice Harvest Festival all which will lead to the center of Valencia for showcooking demonstrations and free tastings of the authentic paella valenciana. #WorldPaellaDay will simultaneously bring together chefs and fans from around the world from Shanghai to Miami to prepare and share their best paella. 
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