Winners of the 1st Annual Gastronomy Tourism Awards

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Winners of the FIBEGA Gastronomy Tourism Awards 2019

The FIBEGA Gastronomy Tourism awards were created to give recognition to destinations, companies and professionals whom through leadership and innovation have made a positive impact and generated a greater awareness to the growing gastronomy tourism sector.

On May 11, 2019 the 1st Annual FIBEGA Gastronomy Tourism Awards were presented at the Miami Beach Convention Center during FIBEGA, The International Gastronomy Tourism Fair.

The organizers of FIBEGA would like to thank all participants and congratulate the winners. See you in 2020!


Winners of 2019 1st Annual Gastronomy Tourism Awards


☆ Best destination: Perú

☆ Innovative destination: Morocco

☆ Spotlight on Gastronomic Tradition: Campania

☆ Emerging Destination: Macao

☆ Best in Aviation: Royal Air Maroc

☆ Best Local Food Restaurant: Joe's Stone Crab

☆ Emerging Enotourism Destination: Marqués de Cáceres

☆ Enotourism Experience Excellence Award: Mendoza

☆ Best Promotional Local Dish: World Paella Day – Valencia

☆ Best Promotional Local Product: Cacao of Ecuador

☆ Best Promotional Artistic Work: The Taste of Guatemala

☆ Innovative Tourism Technology: Amadeus

☆ Leadership Impact in Gastronomy Tourism: Fernando Olivera Rocha

☆ Leadership in Gastronomy Education: Basque Culinary Center

☆ Recognition Award for Food Culture Innovation Program: Miami Culinary Institute